As Tour Photographer for Adelaide stoner rock band Tracer, I’ve toured with the guys throughout Europe a bunch of times.

Here on this page I will wrap each tour in a full-screen, click-to-advance, chronologically ordered gallery.

The idea of each gallery is to present a walk-through of the entire tour, from the moment it began, right through every gig, all the way to end of the tour – including all the backstage bits in between that no one usually gets to see! The photos are presented in the order of how the tour progressed with each gallery containing lots of images, so crack a beer and sit back – you’re in for a long ride!

Clicking on an image below will begin the tour gallery in a new window.

2012 TRACER Fall European Tour

2012 TRACER Summer European Tour

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2014 TRACER European Tour


I’m available for tour photography, get in touch to have a beer and chat.