Tracer, Classic Rock Magazine, January ’13

A shot I took of Tracer in a back ally in Rotterdam during the last European tour has been picked up and is copping a run in various print media and as tour posters.

Here it is as a full pager in Classic Rock Magazine (UK):

UPDATE (2024) I cannot find any tour photos from the dates mentioned on this poster in my archives. I think the artwork may be incorrect? In 2012 we toured Europe twice, once in Summer with Leigh and then later in the Fall with Pat joining. But then in 2013 we did Europe with Jett in the band, but this was in June for the El Pistolero album. Later that year the guys toured Europe again as openers for The Answer (I wasn’t on that tour) but I cannot see any dates from April in that year? What am I missing? Too many Jacks?