Parkway Drive, Alt Press Magazine (USA), December ’10

Late last year I was on location with Parkway Drive shooting a spread for Alt Press Magazine (USA). The boys were in town for the No Sleep Til Festival so I met them at the Ent Centre and we headed out for an hour or so in the streets behind the Gov to get the goods.

I’d previously scoped a location: a run down industrial-looking storage yard, complete with concrete blocks and rusted metal. The place was chained up, so I went to the nearest building (a tile manufacturer?) and asked if I could use it later for a shoot. Turns out the guy’s son was a Parkway Drive fan and he would be stoked if we did the shoot there! Sweet.

I got set up and fired some test shots with Haley beforehand so that when I came back later with the band we could get in and get the shots without any delays.