Hilltop Hoods, Rip It Up Cover, June ’09

I’ve wanted to do a shoot at Harbour Town against some of the cool walls down there for quite some time. True, I was picturing a model strutting her stuff in the early hours of the morning in front of my lens, but when the option of choosing a location for a cover shoot for Rip It Up with the Hilltop Hoods came my way I knew I could swing it with them instead. Ok, so the Hilltop Hoods are a far stretch from glamour models, but you have to be flexible!!

The idea was dual covers/stories in Rip It Up and Onion was to coincide with the Hoods releasing their new album and the launch of their own record label.

The shoot went great, the early morning mission didn’t phase anyone (10am is early right?) and we did several shots in a few spots I’d previously sussed out. Interestingly security didn’t bother us, despite a lone cop car cruising rather dubiously past us (prolly getting a coffee). Props must be given to journo Nina Bertok who conducted a fair amount of her interview while on the move as we trekked to more locations around the back of the shopping complex.