The Beards – On Location, July ’12

Earlier this year I was on location with The Beards shooting promo for their upcoming run of press.

Now, if you know of the band the following brief will not read as anything out of the ordinary!

The brief:

The idea is to have the guys in a 1950’s style garage, rockabilly vibe. Dressed as mechanics and working on a very manly car. I have access to a garage, I dont know if it would be the right vibe though. We can hire a car or have a look around for a lender.

Basically all the shots are of the band doing manly things. Some will be straight mechanicy shots working on cars, etc. But we’d also be doing other manly things in the garage aswell – cooking a BBQ / roasting a pig on a spit, using a jackhammer, drinking booze, lifting weights, etc.

Here’s some of the shots the guys ended up running with.