Poetikool Justice – On Location, August ’10

Poetikool Justice had taken a few months off to “re-group” kinda literally in fact, as Adam (bass) left the band to focus on his other musical project Forest Of Gnomes. Auditions to fill his spot duly took place, with the spot deservedly going to multi talented Ed Soang (previously of The Elements fame).

I’d photographed Poetikool Justice in the studio for their last run of press material, this time we wanted to do something a little different. The idea of a rooftop was being tossed around.

Sourcing a location wasn’t too tricky – facebook can be a beautiful thing! A single status update on my page led to a bunch of friends coming forth with ideas and contacts. Cheers to Sven from SE BON KI RA for his tipoff on a secret rooftop location off Hindley plus detailed description on how to jump the fence, climb the stairs and then use an open door to boost yourself up onto the rooftop, stealth style.

Shot all these with a single diffused speedlite through umbrella off camera, triggered by another speedlite on camera assisted beautifully by the beautiful Haley Kohn of See.Sound Photography.