Dexter Jones – On Location, August ’10

Dexter Jones have had a new drummer for some time now, but no updated press shots.

On a colder than cold night we set out to change that.

Earlier that morning I’d spotted a carport in a alley off Moseley St, Glenelg that had no roller door and looked like it was never used. I came back in the afternoon to scope it again and sure enough there was no car in it. Next to it was also a brand new building with a massive freshly painted off white wall – perfect for an outdoor studio styled shoot!

Lighting on these was two speedlites, one on camera undiffused to trigger the other off camera, shot through umbrella positioned nicely by Haley of See.Sound Photography.

Shooting at night with Canon line of sight infra red system to trigger a speedlite off camera works fine, but try to do the same in bright daylight and frustration will quickly set in with the amount of non-fires.

Behind the scenes shot included at the end for you to see how I lit number 01.