Lightroom 6 Presets For Music Photographers

A lot of people have asked if I will be providing Lightroom 6 Presets for music photographers?

Well, after the success of my 10 Lightroom 5 Presets for 2 bucks I’m stoked to announce I’ve put together a new pack of 15 for only 3 bucks specifically for Lightroom 6!

Just as last time, these presets are not ONLY strictly for music photographers, but it is how I have used them for my own needs. I’m certain lots of photographers will find them totally useful in many other instances.

All 15 presets were created in Adobe Lightroom 6, so no process updating necessary 🙂

The download contains the following Lightroom 6 Presets: Jump The Chain, Prawns In The Sun, Crusty, Way To Go Mate, Fled Smith, Hide Your Cop Car, Shinner, Curb, Hot Carving, Grazzla, Hit The Rip, Stoinker, Mob, No Avil and I Stubbed My Toe In Practice.


Of course, if you are running Lightroom 5 you can still nab the original 10 Lightroom 5 Presets for 2 bucks over here, however to provide even more value I’m also offering a bundle pack of those 10 presets updated to Lightroom 6 plus the 15 above as one package for $3.50.

That’s 25 music presets all ready to rumble in Lightroom 6 for only $3.50!

Lightroom 6 Presets for Music Photographers contains the 15 presets as below (mouse over to see each in action).

1. Jump The Chain
The most used preset up first: all music photographers need a red light fixer!! Jump The Chain is your answer!

2. Prawns In The Sun
Not happy with Jump The Chain returning a colour image? How about this preset which kills all those nasty reds and also packs a nice punchy b/w conversion.

3. Crusty
How many times have you had to deal with heinous green LED lighting? Too many times!! This preset named Crusty will save you a bunch of tweaking later. Take that stupid LED’s!!

4. Way To Go Mate
A slight orange cast from a mix of stage lighting? No sweat, hit your image with Way To Go Mate like this example and BAM!

How many carrots did she eat? None!

5. Fled Smith
Did you totally stuff up and underexpose or was the lighting just that inconsistent the only frame you want to keep would normally hit the trash? Fled Smith can help!

This preset will give you a saving hand, while adding a useable bunch of noise and dirt.

Who said you can’t polish a turd?

6. Hide Your Cop Car
Exposing for darker skin can be tricky. In this example my preset helped correct the colours of the clothing without affecting the skin tones. You will probably need to tweak this sucker a fair bit for your own needs, to be honest, the lighting on this shot was pretty damn good to begin with.

7. Shinner
Here’s a nearly perfect b/w when you have decent lighting conditions to begin with!

A lot of music photographers will convert to b/w because the lighting was rubbish at the time of shooting, but what if you get a fair decent amount of workable light and you still wish to covert? Using Shinner you will get a great result like this one!

8. Curb
Punchy b/w’s are your thing? Great!! This preset will help twist those orange tones we all loathe into nice and punchy b/w’s even your mum will love.

9. Hot Carving
Did you lean too far on the highlights? Are they slightly blown out but recoverable? Apply a dose of Hot Carving and you’ll save your image like the example here.

10. Grazzla
Arggghhh!! More LED’s!

It’s bad enough when a couple of lights in the bank are LED’s, but what do you do when the ENTIRE rig is made up of these cheap, nasty suckers?? You smack Grazzla all over the final image and come away with something workable such as this.

11. Hit The Rip
What’s with those pink LED’s that make your subject look like they should be in a deli amongst the Cabanossi, Salami and various wursts? Who ever thought this would look good to a punter, let alone a photographer?

The only solution for me in that instance is to Hit The Rip.

12. Stoinker
Split toning can be very effective in recovering shadows on a subject that has various amounts of light within the entire image.

I particularly like the toning in this preset and come back to it regularly.

13. Mob
A subtle preset, useful when you’ve missed exposure by only a smidgen and there is a leaning towards the red (urghhh!!) end of the colour spectrum.

14. No Avil
Blue LED lighting can be a royal pain the ass just like red.

Enter No Avil, a preset to conquer the deepest, most lousiest, most suckful blues you will come across.

This will save you. Thank me now.

15. I Stubbed My Toe In Practice
Thought I’d finish up with something totally different for my style of shooting.

Outdoor gigs in natural lighting will benefit from this preset as I Stubbed My Toe In Practice lightens everything substantially, blending a neutral tonality across the image.

True, it lends itself more to a fashion shoot, however under the correct circumstances and for the right band it can work really well.

The Lightroom 6 Presets For Music Photographers Bundle contains the above 15 presets plus the 10 below:

1. Erpla

2. Happenin’ Style

3. Cat McPherson

4. BW Weapon

5. Mooga

6. Darn It

7. The K-Mart Kid

8. Kendra’s Letter

9. People Are Dying

10. Put Your Helmet On

Installation instructions:
(also included as a text file in the download)

    1. Download the zip file (or depending which you purchased) to your desktop, or wherever your downloads download to on your machine.
    2. Unzip the .zip file by double clicking it.
    3. The folder named bjwok.com_Lightroom6Presets (or bjwok.com_Lightroom6Presets Bundle depending which you purchased) should now be unzipped and on your desktop (or wherever you downloaded it to!)
    4. Open Lightroom 6 and from the “Lightroom” menu (top left hand of your screen), choose Lightroom –> Preferences.
    5. Within the dialogue box that opens, choose the “Presets” tab (second from the left).
    6. Click “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…
    7. From within the “Lightroom” folder that opened as a result of clicking on “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…” in step 6, navigate to the “Develop Presets” folder.
    8. Drag, paste or copy (whichever you like) the entire folder you downloaded and unzipped in Steps 1 and 2 above into the “Develop Presets” folder.
    9. Restart Lightroom 6
    10. Go to the Develop module and you will now have bjwok.com_Lightroom6Presets (or bjwok.com_Lightroom6Presets Bundle depending which you purchased) available in the Presets column on the left.

Extra! Extra!! Extra!!! I’ll send anyone the bundle pack for free if they can correctly name the artist/band in the 15 new Lightroom 6 Presets… post in the comments below. First one to get them all, get’s them all!