You Am I @ The Gov, November ’08

The Gov had rubbish lighting for You Am I tonight. I had a chat with the cello player inbetween songs and apparently their regular touring lighting guy couldn’t make the Adelaide show. As a result both Rusty (drums) and Andy (bass) were pretty much non existent the entire gig. Thank goodness for b&w conversion in post!

As for performance, what can I say? 2 bottles of Scotch on stage should tell you what was in store. Tim was on fire, plenty of windmill action, cursing, sweat flying everywhere and a damn good rockin was delivered to all and sundry by a man dubbed possibly the ugliest man in Australian rock (self confessed even!)

Bass amp issues plagued the last half of the show, but the impromptu addition of Berlin Chair for the encore (minus bass for half of it) brought the entire room of punters into a seething, smiling, pulsating mass of bouncing joy the likes of which I hadn’t seen since early Big Day Outs, circa early 90’s.