Tracer Tracking Water For Thirsty Dogs @ Yacca Paddock May ’14

With a lot of the new album riffed out and roughly jammed out, the next step was to track it. What better place to do this than at Jetty’s family getaway in the Adelaide Hills.

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We spent 4 days at the Yacca Paddock immersed in the music. The weather was cold and snappy, the music was tight, the jacks was flowing with good times in the gym all round!

During the sessions Mike told me the working title for the album was Water For Thirsty Dogs, inspired by an iPhone snap I had shown him a few months earlier.

This gave me an idea to take a trip from Yacca Paddock to Aldgate where the original shot was taken to see if the bucket was still out on the lawn where I had originally seen it. With all my camera gear in tow, I planned on getting a “real” photo, to document it. Being the colder months of the year, the bucket was not out, but an older gentleman was gardening on the property. I approached him, asking him if he knew of the bucket. Indeed he did! Turns out he puts it out every summer for anyone passing by with a thirsty dog that might appreciate it! He was happy to go get it from the garage for a photo. He was also quite chuffed to hear that his bucket and inscription had inspired the title for an Adelaide band!

Day 1, Tuesday 27th May

Day 2, Wednesday 28th May

Day 3, Thursday 29th May

Day 4, Friday 30th May