Tracer Sydney Photoshoot, November ’14

Not 100% happy with the shots from Adelaide earlier in the month I took the opportunity to shoot some more promo with Tracer before heading off on The Screaming Jets tour.

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I had previously sussed the Como Rail Tunnel as a location and the guys liked it, so we focussed most of the shoot there. A quick walk to the Marina (looking for beers) I couldn’t help but try for a few shots on the wharf. From there we went back to my place and drank. Later that evening I had the brain wave that we might as well shoot some high key against the bedroom wall. I figured the label may be able to use individual shots of the guys, but from my recollection none of these ever got a run anywhere.

Como Rail Tunnel, 22nd November ’14

Como Marina, 22nd November ’14

Bedroom Shoot, 22nd November ’14

Clicky Clacky iPhone Snappy