Tracer 2 Day Photoshoot, Adelaide November ’14

Mascot Records wanted a bunch of new photos of Tracer for upcoming Water For Thirsty Dogs promotion. From memory, the brief given me was to capture more “candid” shots of the guys, unlike any we’ve done before yet still making it a “promo” photo.

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The guys had a location already sussed, in a freshly burnt part of the Hills but it was a killer hot day in Adelaide, so we waited, hitting it in the cooler part of the day. We then went to Jett’s Yacca Paddock for sunset pics eventually winding up at the Grace Emily for some “about town” style shots. On the second day I pitched the Sturt Catchment Drains but it was raining and hideous and from that session we only got a few.

Burnt Out Bushland, November 7th ’14

Yacca Paddock, November 7th ’14

Grace Emily, November 7th ’14

Sturt Catchment Drains, November 8th ’14

Janky iPhone Snappys