The Vines @ The Gov, November ’08

Interesting show from The Vines tonight.

Craig Nicholls, true to form had a encounter with one of the photogs (more accurately – me)

Here’s what happened:

During the second song he came at me splurting all sorts of umness, tongue out etc etc, then he falls into me from off the stage. I have a brand new 70-200 f/2.8 L IS that I am holding AS FAR from him as possible while he leans all over me from the edge of the stage, guitar bashing into my face while he still plays it. Then he pushes the foldback speaker off stage onto me. By now I’m squatting down, camera extended in right hand as far from him as possible and left hand trying to balance the foldback on my leg. A bouncer came and helped out thankfully. The whole time I was pretty limp just letting Mr. Nicholls do his thing. I sort of half expected it to be honest, and i didn’t fight him, just let him go on with his ‘performance’. I do know about his condition and I researched Aspergers before the show, so I knew what may happen.

Aside from that, the gig was great as to be expected from The Vines. Lots of yelling, screaming, crowd surfing and self indulgence, including the trade marked (if not already a bit played out) smashing of instruments.