The Presets @ Clipsal 500, March ’09

The Presets must be laughing. They are sitting pretty on their laurels and it would appear they have the music industry by the balls. But watching them live, they’re not doing anything exciting. In fact, musically, they are mundane at best.

It would seem like it’s been more a case of good timing rather than creativity for these guys. They are producing dance floor hits that get widespread radio coverage right across the world, and have tapped nicely into the niche market of a younger audience, whereas a band like Pivot from Sydney who have done pretty much the same thing, yet adding their own brand of originality and creativity are overlooked by any commercial success.

I just can’t help thinking that in 3 years from now, The Presets will be a forgotten name, with tracks like “My People” being relegated to “Beer Songs” compilations where they will find a new home amongst bogans who someone missed it the first time it was played 3 times an hour over the commercial networks.