The Delta Saints @ Rockpalast (Bonn, Germany) October ’11

Last year while on tour in Europe with Tracer we met 5 cool guys from Nashville, USA called The Delta Saints.

They play an infectious mix of southern blues and roots, with a totally happy stage presence.

Opening for Tracer at the Rockpalast gig in Bonn, Germany I was completely blown away within the first song.

I wasn’t intending on photographing their set, but within that first song I was totally hooked and raced backstage to grab my gear and shot these photos.

The next morning we were all in the same IBIS hotel foyer and The Delta Saints were set to drive to Belgium for the last show on their tour scheduled for that night.

We had a day off and the Delta boys had invited us to their show, so we drove to Belgium while listening to their album on repeat.

It was a killer show, in a weird-ass venue that you needed a map and compass to find – it was hidden behind a sports hall, nestled between a massive vacant building and a sports field where teams were playing soccer despite it being about minus 3 degrees, pitch dark and raining!!! (?!)

Very odd, but the show was amazing!

We got pretty drunk on Belgian beer and by the end of the second set we had geed their harmonica player to smash his instrument at the end of their show – it was the end of their tour after all!

And he did it!


It was awesome to see someone smash a harmonica and not a guitar! He turned around and faced the amp, then spun back around, jumped into the air and full pelted it at the ground, it bounced pretty high and a piece flew off somewhere, never to be seen again.

Classic ending!!