The Breeders @ Fowlers, July ’08

This was my first accredited rock n roll photography shoot.

Even though it was a non-paying gig, I saw it as a great chance to meet the right people, get my name out there and have my work published for the first time.

Rip It Up is the street press in Adelaide. I was covering The Breeders on their Mountain Battles tour for the “Eye Spy” section: a social page mixed with live event shots.

So I wandered around willy nilly before the show asking people to pose for the mag, then during the first three songs I snapped away to my hearts content.

For the encore a keyboard was brought onto the stage and disobeying the “3 songs, no flash” direction given by security, I got up real close to Kim Deal and snapped the money shot of her in full swing. A bouncer was on me in no time telling me “no more pics, your lens is too big”.