Swedish House Mafia @ Adelaide Future Music Festival, March ’12

Swedish House Mafia had the only photo release of the festival. Photographers were made to sign it as they entered the pit. For whatever the reason, I wasn’t asked to sign, so I didn’t.

Later, I was told the release was the standard 3 songs, no flash.

In reality, 3 songs turned out to be 2 too many.

Swedish House Mafia were perched atop a DJ box in the middle of the stage, making photos of them virtually impossible from the pit.

I shot a couple of frames during the first 1 song, waited halfway into the 2nd, thinking they may get out of the box and come to the front, but when they didn’t I bailed.

A photo release for that shit?


I know of a bunch of photographers who openly slag off gig photographers who use monopods, however the guy in the last shot here gets an almighty pat on the back in my books. His retractable monopod enabled him to get the only shots of Swedish House Mafia.

Instead of dissing him, I applaud him for thinking ahead and packing a monopod in case he needed it. Consequently, he came away with the only shots of these guys and achieved his brief.

The rest of us didn’t and yet everyone will slag him?