Smudge @ The Metro, October ’10

Growing up in Sydney in the 90’s it was hard to miss Smudge. They were on most bills, I recon I saw them at the Metro on George St a bunch of times plus countless other local pubs.

Didn’t Alison Galloway (drums) work behind the desk at Waterfront Records when it was on York Street for a while? If not, I’m confusing my (rather embarrassing) youth-ish crush on some other indie chick from that era? Either way, I found myself in Waterfront a lot, even when not looking for something cool in the 2nd hand rack!

So it was with eager anticipation that I went along to their gig at the Metro (Adelaide Metro, not the infamous Sydney venue of the same name) on Friday.

It had been 16 (really?) years since they last played in Adelaide, and we were in for a treat with a mixed set peppered with much jovial banter between band and punters.

The Metro has lighting that deserves no mention here, safe to say for a photographer it either sucks or if you are of the same mind as I am, you love it!

See, the thing with constant, dim, red-gelled stage lighting is once you’ve got your setting sussed out you leave it that way the whole show and concentrate on framing and watching the band for song changes where possible good photo opps may present themselves.

These were shot with all the same settings, only a very minor tweakage in Lightroom to bring up the shadows.