Regurgitator @ The Gov, August ’11

A typical Regurgitator set is filled with hits and classics from their extensive back catalogue. Wether you like the older tracks or the newer stuff, you can be sure you are gonna hear a good mix of both at their live show, tonight being no exception! We were treated to a bunch of new numbers and the all-time crowd favourites plus even a medley of sorts!

Lighting was tricky, but not impossible – I had to wait for the main white spotties to light and then fire off a few frames and wait again!

I set up a shot with the guys before the show using three speedlites – two on either side set to the lowest power, undiffused and the third on full power behind me, shot straight into the ceiling for bounced key light. (The ceiling is not painted white, however the speedlite at full power blasts enough light to bounce effectively, even with the loss when it hits the ceiling). The cool wallpaper in the green room set off their costumes nicely.