Portal @ Fowlers, January ’09

Extreme metal is not really my thing, but when a gig that draws interstate metal heads (and bands) to Adelaide is planned, you know it is going to be something worth shooting.

Musically, Portal are nothing short of a onslaught. 8 string guitars played faster than you could think possible, two kick drums and distorted growling (cannot use the words “vocals” here as what I was hearing was far from audible, english, understandable or sensible – and I think that is their point) Portal are a solid wall of noise. It’s hard to compare them to anything actually. This was something I had never seen or heard before.

Equal parts of the lure of metal for me is the appearance, the presentation and the performance. Portal were clad in all black (no surprises there), with the frontman sporting an ancient cuckoo clock resting over his head as a mask, a sheet of black mesh covering his face and Darth Vader style welding gloves on each hand. Even just being on stage was enough to scare the shit out of me.

Photographically this was heaven.