Pearl Jam @ Adelaide Oval, November ’09

It felt like 1993 all over again at the Adelaide Oval when Pearl Jam took the stage. Truly only getting better with age the show packed in a wide variety of songs from the back catalogue plus a bunch of newer ones and whether you agree with it or not, steered clear of their biggest selling songs “Better Man” & “Daughter”. No complaints here, the show was brilliant.

Photographically, this stage was higher off the ground than any festival stage I’ve shot at (including the BDO). Normally I am cool with that as I hold my camera high on my right arm to get at least level with the stage while using my wide lens. Tonight during Pearl Jam I had some wanker security guy tell me not to (??) wtf? He then instructed me that I could only shoot from head high. Again, ??? Hmmm, would like to have had a chat with him, but 3 songs doesn’t leave time to argue with some beefed up wanker on a authority trip, so I let it ride.