Parkway Drive @ Adelaide Uni, May ’11

Pulling out all stops on this tour, Parkway Drive set their stage with blue lighting, inflatable waves breaking from each side of the stage, a massive rainbow above Ben Gordon (drums) and a blow up dingy with bodyboarders and sharks for crowd surfing like you’ve never seen at a gig before! Hahaha! Classic!!

Not even a broken ankle for Luke Kilpatrick (guitar) held them back – he simply performed in a wheelchair – plaster and all.

The pic before the show was shot with a single diffused speedlite, on camera, set to ETTL. I used the 16-35 at almost the 35mm end to minimise warpage on the edges. There was not a lot of background light, so I positioned the boys in front of the stage and lowered my shutter to about 1 1/3 to allow the stage light provide some separation.

It’s not everyday a wheelchair makes it’s appearance as part of a band’s lineup! Love it!!