Over-Reactor @ HQ, July ’11

A lot of punters made their way to HQ early tonight for the show by Karnivool, more than likely to secure a good spot in front of the stage for the headline act.

What they didn’t factor into the equation was openers Over-Reactor slapping one in their face like no one has before.

Over- Reactor Fans were already aware of what can only be described as a totally unique experience yet those uninitiated were in for a humorous nudging from front man Ezekiel Ox. Taking the mic off the stage and all over the tiered layout of HQ, punters were very much forced in the face of a man on a mission to deliver. And deliver he did!

Lighting was nice for once – a spottie was necessary to light anywhere off stage, why that same spottie isn’t used on the stage is a mystery? I rocked with a single speedlite on camera where necessary and lapped up as many photo opps as I could. And there were many!

No doubt the next time Over-Reactor have a show here in Adelaide there will be a solid amount of new found fans! Bring it!