One Of The Boys @ The Avoca Hotel, September ’10

I’ll shoot any gig, large or small, be it Faith No More @ Soundwave, AC/DC @ Adelaide Oval or a band comp with 3 bands and 12 people down the local.

One Of The Boys were competing in “Clearly Talented II” at the Avoca Hotel and I was down to shoot it. Stoked! I’ve never shot at the Avoca Hotel before and any new venue is always a welcome change in my opinion! Plus you never know what lighting conditions, stage layout, punters etc there may be!

I rocked up rather early with my partner Haley of See.Sound.Photography, as we planned on a casual parmy and a few beers first, then get some shots of One Of The Boys as they compete.

Stage lighting was obviously very limited, however it did give me the opportunity to play with a high ISO combined with flash, which is something I don’t really do often due to photography “rules” at various venues.

There was a nice ambient light falling on the outside area of the “stage” and a slow shutter wasn’t really going to allow me to capture that correctly without also some blurring of the band (as the overall lighting was too bright), so instead I went with a higher ISO.