Nicky Bomba @ Jive, October ’09

Multi-instrumentalist, Nicky Bomba delivered a fun-times gig tonight at Jive. Wandering in from the bar area rhyming into a megaphone he began his set amongst the crowd – a notion that would be repeated again later when he invited members of Poetikool Justice & Tim Bennett up on stage to play a good portion of the set. I wasn’t 100% sure whether they had all played together before, but the result was seamless!

The emphasis was certainly on fun tonight: at one point Nicky had a congo line of drummers drumming against anything they could: walls, mic stands, foldback, stairs, even behind the bar on the bar taps, fridge doors, sink, buckets etc. I’d never seen anything like it before at a live show, neither had the Jive bar staff!! I was super quick to grab my flash cord and get my flash off camera to get some interesting angles of Nicky behind the bar, but badly missed the 16mm lens that was sitting on my bed at home 🙁