Magic Dirt @ The Gov, October ’09

The first show back after the passing of bass player (and founding member) Dean Turner was a sombre affair for Magic Dirt. Hitting the stage with a solid 5 minutes of feedback, they slid nicely into their best track (IMHO) “Babycakes“. What followed next was a set full of hits and favourites, the intensity and energy only pausing midway through proceedings for a heart felt, teary speech by Adalita and a toast of raised JD & Coke’s to the late Dean Turner.

This show was billed as a tribute to Dean – a thank you from the band for his contribution and efforts as well as a thank you to the fans.

With the future of Magic Dirt not being known even to the band themselves, Adalita thanked Adelaide punters for their years of support, and in particular the last few months. Acknowledging that the loss had been massive, she delivered a message of an uncertain future: “We don’t know where to from here, but thank you.” Barely holding back tears she finished with “…having said all that, now, let’s rock the fuck out!!” And rock they did.

Lighting tonight was tricky. Perhaps it was to set the tones of the evening or perhaps it was someone not doing their job, but either way I was faced with a tough one, Magic Dirt throw themselves around willy nilly and I knew I would have difficulty capturing some of that movement with such low shutters and no flash.

Not happy with what I got in the first three songs I shot the last few as well partially as I knew things would get heavier towards the end of the set and if history had taught me anything, more than likely Adalita would wind up on the floor.

She did.