The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion @ Fowlers, March ’13

Was doing some work with Two Fish Out Of Water earlier in the year and noticed they were bringing The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion to our fair shores, so I hit up their TM to shoot.

Not only was I given the go-ahead, but I was also invited on stage to get “the best shots you can”.

No problem! (I normally wouldn’t go on stage unless invited or touring with the band!)

I guess I should have seen it coming, but Mr Spencer made me a part of the show in a (thankfully) less involved manner as the audience in the fabled “Recovery 2 Kindsa Love” incident of the early 90’s:

So, with me nestled behind Russell Simins and waiting, Jon Spencer signals me and a countdown for the best “BLUES EXPLOSION” is on. It’s now up to me to get up, get the shot while the crowd gets their hands in the air. A few false starts from the crowd and myself and same heavy taunting from the man himself (see image 4 below) and I think it was the 4th take in when the crowd was at their most raucous and that ended up being the keeper (image 5).

Sometimes being heckled on stage is worth it for the resulting shot it may provide. If it’s being heckled by Jon Spencer it just makes it even more memorable!