Gyroscope @ Clipsal 500, March ’11

Earlier on the day of this show, I took delivery of a 1m canvas print I had made of Gyroscope.

It was on the floor in my house waiting to be hung and I was pretty happy on both the shot and how it printed as a canvas.

Later, before their set, I was chatting to Dan (vocals) from the band about how Gyroscope were the very first band I ever photographed and how they essentially kick-started my career as a rock n roll photographer and how I try to get to every show they play in Adelaide. I mentioned the canvas and that I thought it was a really good shot of the entire band and I’d like to offer it to them as a gift. He was pretty chuffed and thought instead of the whole band fighting over who should get it, it would be better off hung in their managements office and gave me the details of where I should send it. Sweet.

Then, during their set, as I was shooting the first three songs I got thinking that it would be better to hand deliver it to the band, so I stashed my camera gear and raced from the Clipsal site at Rymill Park direct to Henley Beach, grabbed it, and raced right back to Clipsal, catching the guys in their trailer after their show.

They really loved the shot and wanted to order their own individual copies! Rob (drums) took a pic with his iPhone of the band, the canvas and me which really stoked me, as these guys were where it all began for me! Stoked!!!

The only thing that sucks about this story: due to the drive back to Henley to grab the canvas I missed the rest of their set!! Bummer! 🙁