Gyroscope @ Clipsal 500, March ’09

This was somewhat of a red letter gig for me as Gyroscope was the first band I ever shot.

It was March last year and I argued with a bouncer at the Gov to allow me to take my 30D into the venue as every other punter had a point and shoot and what was the difference really?

For the first time ever I won an argument with a bouncer and I got my very first taste of live event photography.

That experience sparked me to learn everything I could about ISO, shutter speeds and aperture and now I shoot at the Gov regularly and have full permission to bring my gear in with me. I still see that bouncer too, but he has no idea who I am (and why would he?). Every band I shoot is different, from the style of music to stage lighting to the punters who attend. And each one of these makes for a learning experience.

Anyway, Gyroscope damn well rocked their Clipsal performance tonight.

A tight set, full of arguably their best material went down well with the drunken rev heads.

The show had everything including crowd surfing and jumping off amps, swinging guitars, sweat flying everywhere and ROCK N ROLL!!