Finabah @ The Producers Bar, February ’10

Often a band’s onstage antics can highlight their performance, and other times, like tonight, it can render a already dubious show complete rubbish.

When Brisbane’s Finabah bass player started swinging his bass around his body in circles the entire audience (all 10 of us) cringed in uncomfortable anguish. Here’s a band that had ALL the moves but zero stage presence, so they made up for it by pulling out all manner of cliched rock poses.

As they launched into their single, “Everyone Jump” we were reminded repeatedly by frontman that “this song has been on the radio. you may have heard it on the radio, as it’s our single that is being played on the radio. did we mention it’s being played on the radio? A well rehearsed mic swinging skit during the breakdown in this song had me shaking my head in complete disbelief. How they can each croon the “ooh ooooh ooh ooooh oohhhh” parts of the chorus without vomiting is beyond me. Add to this the unnerving eye contact their frontman made with the audience as he sung and I left the building.

Done with the right amount of jest these antics could possibly have gone down a treat, yet clearly these boys were dead serious.

Finabah, you sucked!!

And if you haven’t seen them live and feel like cringing, check this clip of their single (it’s been on the radio).