Eskimo Joe @ The Thebby, August ’09

It’s amazing shooting with perfect lighting like tonight at the Thebby.

I’m not sure if the lighting guy was with Eskimo Joe or not, but I damn well hope I get the chance to work with him again because he was on the money!

Performance wise, Eskimo Joe were perfect. A little too perfect in fact, sounding exactly like their records. I’m more a fan of shows that are not this “polished”, a little more rough around the edges. The fans certainly enjoyed it though, and with the inclusion of a bunch of older tracks (no, not that one) even the most demanding fans left well satisfied.

My car being broken into during the gig ended my night on somewhat of a downer. The bastards didn’t get anything though, (as there is nothing worthy of stealing in my car!) except I am now left with a smashed window.