Enter Shikari @ Fowlers, September ’10

This would possibly be the most intense mosh I’ve been in with all my photography gear.

Intense as in the squashing of punters right up to the stage, not the chaos of the masses. Ok, so there was stage diving a plenty, but nothing like Gallows @ Soundwave!

I’d sussed myself into the front row using my “how-to-get-to-the-front-of-the-stage-when-there-is-no-pit” (details how to actually do this coming soon) method and even 15 minutes before Enter Shikari hit the stage, the heave had begun!

I’m happy to be right in the meat of the mosh to get my photos, as I’m a firm believer in experiencing the show as a punter and also as a photographer.

And you wouldn’t get a shot like number 07 without getting right into the mosh pit!

If there is no photo pit for comfort, I still want to get that shot and will do what it takes.

So in I go!!