Die Antwoord @ Adelaide Future Music Festival, March ’12

I lost all respect for Die Antwoord after witnessing their antics backstage in catering at Southside Festival in Germany earlier this year.

A female vocalist was in her dressing room warming her voice.

The dressing rooms were directly below the catering balcony where Die Antwoord were eating.

This chick, whoever it was, must have been up next on the bill as her vocal warm-ups were in full swing, consistent and loud.

The entire dining area could easily hear her and it sounded kinda nice, so I thought anyway.

Yo-Landi Vi$$er, the female vocalist from Die Antwoord apparently thought differently:

She starts yelling, more accurately; squealing (if you’ve seen their show you will agree) into the air at the top of her voice:

Shut the fuck up!!
You can’t sing for shit, you absolutely SUCK!!!
You know the entire place can hear you?
And you fucking suck, so shut the fuck up!
For fucks sake!!

The chick downstairs did stop, and then the entire catering went into a complete hush, bewildered at what had just happened.

Die Antwoord – with that one outburst of umness, it is YOU that suck!

Arrogant pricks.