Deez Nuts @ The Gov, July ’10

I’ve said it before, and here it is again: I love shooting hardcore shows!

Not only does the band go completely off it’s nutter up on stage, but if the venue is chilled (like the Gov) punters will get up and share the stage, busting it with the band.

I love getting right into the action at these shows and the circle pit is where some of the best shots are to be had. It’s where punters interact with the band with no barrier to separate the two, and with my camera in right hand, held high above my head, 16mm lens and rockin a single, diffused flash I can get right up close and personal with the action. Sure I cop a few blows in the process, but damn, that’s all part of the fun! Thanks to lovely Gov staff, tonight for Deez Nuts I checked my bag behind the bar – there was no point in lugging all my gear with me into that pit, certainly didn’t need a 70-200mm weighing me down!

And despite what it may seem, the majority of punters in circle pits like these actually look out for each other: when someone goes down they are helped back up. It’s rad to see.