Cannibal Corpse @ Fowlers, September ’09

Sometimes sketchy lighting can actually work to your advantage.

Fowlers is always hard to shoot at, however tonight the dull lighting worked in line with Cannibal Corpse and their style.

I don’t know what happened, but I rocked up at 10pm thinking the 2nd band would be just starting their set, only to be told Cannibal Corpse was on stage now (and had been for about 15 minutes!) What?!! How come this was such an early starter?

There was no time to waste as I made my way to the front. Surprisingly easily. I’ve always found the punters at metal gigs to be generally easier going than other crowds. Trying to get through a sea of people with my gear often results in jabbing elbows and “tough guys” planted firmly to their spot not allowing anyone past them! Not tonight – a path opened for me and I headed direct to stage left, dismayed at the sight of no photog pit. It was Fowlers after all, but often for bigger acts they have the pit in place. Not tonight.

No bother, I jumped up on a speaker stack (is that thing even used?) and got some great shots side of stage.

Another thing hit me as I started shooting. DAMN it was hot in here?? I was dripping with sweat and had only been in the venue 5 minutes? It was a sold out show and I guess that many long haired metal heads does give off a lot of heat!! I looked up and the fans were not on either.

It was about now that my lens started fogging up! FOGGING UP!! I’ve never ever had this happen to me before, ever!! Not wanting condensation to possibly form inside my camera I left the lens on, put the lens cap on and switched the whole thing off. I left it next to me out of my crumpler bag and waited for camera temp to meet Fowlers temp.

While I waited I went through to the backstage area, which at Fowlers is actually the other side of the stage. Hoping that was enough time I set up to shoot again. No good: lens was wetter than my forehead which was dripping with sweat!! arghhh!!

I waited a bit longer and then wiped the lens off and waited. It seemed to be getting better so I shot away. I also swapped to my 70-200 but damn it no sooner did it come out of the bag than it fogged up!!I Frustration!!

I ended up going to the back of the room and waiting again for this lens to reach the same room temp. Thankfully it did and I cleaned the condensation off and shot some long shots from a chair.

Interesting night!