The Brian Jonestown Massacre @ The Hi-Fi, December ’13

It was the eve of what for many would be the last day of the working year and fittingly Sydney was already well into party mode as The Brian Jonestown Massacre took to the stage.

You’re never really sure what you are going to get at a Brian Jonestown Massacre show. Their volatile nature has certainly been well documented; on stage fights, half finished songs and band member walk-offs have all tainted (or added to, depending on how you view it) their shows in the past.

Tonight however, in somewhat a turning of the tables, the audience gave it back to the band as they crowd surfed and moshed right from the opening track. Crowd surfing at a BJM show? Really? WTF Sydney?

Up on stage this rather nuts crowd did at least bring a smile and chuckle to an otherwise dead-pan band, Sydney’s unusual behaviour duly noted.

With extra security leaning over the crowd barrier forcing party punters to settle down the band ploughed through their set, leaving no stone unturned as they covered an extensive back catalogue of material.

The Hi-Fi had opened the upstairs balcony as tickets were still on sale at the door during the show, this proved to be a good move as the venue appeared fully packed by mid set, the gathered punters copping almost 2 hours of blissful engaging Brian Jonestown Massacre.