Andrew Higgs Band @ Jive, November ’10

Andrew Higgs Band booked me to shoot the launch of their EP “Stomp” @ Jive recently thanks to a recommendation from Poetikool Justice (thanks boys!)

When covering a gig directly for the band, depending on the venue and the lighting conditions, I like to rock with flashes up on stage. Jive has new lights and they are GREAT, however tonight I was after a particular look, so positioned a couple of speedlites up on stage to work alongside the existing set up.

Setting flashes up on stage is great, and being able to switch them off from on camera anywhere in the crowd is perfect too. Even though I had stage access, I like to minimise the time I’m actually up there. It’s the band’s show not mine, after all! No punters want to see my ugly head up on stage anyway!!

Getting a rim light effect as seen here in number 09 below is what I was aiming for. Most of the light hitting Andrew Higgs here is the stage light, the blow out behind him is my speedlite set to 1/2 power, un-diffused, obviously right behind his head. It’s tricky to get this shot as a small amount of movement either way from your subject and you will be visually in line with the flash, and unless you are rocking a super fast (read: HSS) shutter speed (like number 01 here) you will over expose your shot.

When covering a gig like this direct for a band, I will also shoot a quick press shot, you never know where it may wind up, which label record executive could see it, which magazine editor may run with it etc etc. For this one, (number 11 below) I had a single speedlite, off camera via cord to get this shot out the front of Jive.

Oh, and a before-the-show-shot backstage is also an important step in documenting the night!