Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers

Lightroom 5 Presets for Music Photographers

Adobe Lightroom 5 includes some amazing new features, all streamlined to facilitate a quicker, more effective workflow for photographers.

For the first time, I’ve packaged together 10 of my most sought after presets and they are now available to purchase right here for only 2 bucks via a quick, easy payment with Paypal.

Sure, these presets are not ONLY for music photographers, I’m positive lots of other photographers will find them handy too!

All 10 presets were created in Adobe Lightroom 5, so no process updating is necessary πŸ™‚

The download contains the following Lightroom 5 Presets: Erpla, Happenin’ Style,
Cat McPherson, BW Weapon, Mooga, Darn It, The K-Mart Kid, Kendra’s Letter,
People Are Dying
and Put Your Helmet On.

Hover your mouse over the images below to see each in action.

1. Erpla
Here’s a great preset that I come back to from time to time – it works well when there is a great deal of variety in colours throughout an image.Β Check how it creates a smooth, overall tonality to this example.

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

2. Happenin’ Style
I use this preset on flat images that lack any real contrast or pop.Β I love how the shadows are super punchy with this one.

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

3. Cat McPherson
Here’s a preset with a silly name, but they say you remember silly things more than normal. I do anyway!Β I use tweaks of this preset ALL THE TIME. It’s gold, gold, gold! You will more than likely have to tweak the black clipping to suit your own image, depending on how much detail there is/isn’t in your shadows. Also remove the vignette if your image doesn’t require it.

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

4. BW Weapon
Black & White Lightroom presets: I can never have enough of them!! Each have their pros and cons: some don’t allow anywhere near enough contrast and the resulting image looks more like someone has dragged coal over paper than a work of photographic genius, others simply desaturate all colour from the image – brilliant for some instances, but not all.Β BW Weapon leaves enough detail in the shadows while highlighting minor contrasts such as different shades of skin, hair definition etc.

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

5. Mooga
Pulling detail out of heavy shadowed areas is not easy. If you simply decrease the blacks you introduce a lot of noise and lose loads of contrast.Β Mooga compensates for this just nicely.Β I use this preset with images that contain little or no detail in the shadows.

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

6. Darn It
A nice, dirty b/w preset that introduces just the right amount of grain to your image.

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

7. The K-Mart Kid
You know when the stage lighting really sucks for the first three songs, but then once you’ve put your gear away and are enjoying the show, everything steps up ten notches? The spotties come on, gelled, rotating rear facing cans and smoke machines creates a sense of depth behind the drummer and massive LED panels stretched the width of the entire stage blink to life, displaying vivid, epic images?Β It’s right about then that I’m thinking thisΒ preset will work well later to bring something back to these otherwise drab shooting conditions.

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

8. Kendra’s Letter
I really love how this preset gives pop to an otherwise flat image, bringing out waaaaay more detail, particularly in the shadows.

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

9. People Are Dying
Sometimes you will want to spice things up a little, create something on a totally different scope to what you may be used to – this preset gives an old time feel to the image, perfect for this performance!

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

10. Put Your Helmet On
Saved the best for last! As rock n’ roll photographers it’s pretty unanimous to say we HATE red lighting!! Dealing with red in post is a royal pain in the ass!! Not anymore, this totally schwenken preset pulls theΒ reds and replaces them with more natural looking skin tones. That’s worth the 2 bucks on it’s own!

Lightroom 5 Presets For Music Photographers from http://www.bjwok.com

NB: Tweak those sliders to suit your own images and needs, these presets should be used as a starting point for your workflow only!

Installation instructions:
(also included as a text file in the download)

    1. Download the zip file bjwokLR5Presets.zipΒ to your desktop, or wherever your downloads download to on your machine.
    2. Unzip the zip file by double clicking it.
    3. The folder namedΒ bjwok.com_Lightroom5Presets should now be unzipped and on your desktop (or wherever you downloaded it to!)
    4. Open Lightroom 5 and from the “Lightroom” menu (top left hand of your screen), choose Lightroom –> Preferences.
    5. Within the dialogue box that opens, choose the “Presets” tab (second from the left).
    6. Click “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…
    7. From within the “Lightroom” folder that opened as a result of clicking on “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…” in step 6, navigate to the “Develop Presets” folder.
    8. Drag, paste or copy (whichever you like) the entire folder you downloaded and unzipped in Steps 1 and 2 above into the “Develop Presets” folder.
    9. Restart Lightroom 5
    10. Go to the Develop module and you will now haveΒ bjwok.com_Lightroom5PresetsΒ available in the Presets column on the left.
  • Benon,

    I thought come on why is this cat trying to sell presets in a program – surely people could fiddle and get this themselves it is all in the program right>?
    I am tempted to buy the presets and see how the work on my not paid for lr. Unfortunately the only band shots i have are on my phone.
    But dude these are awesome – great examples of how they can make pictures come to life.

    • BJWOK

      Hey Bryan πŸ™‚

      Sure man, anyone can tweak and find their own effective workflow in LR, but these 10 presets are a great way to start that process. For me anyway!

      Any gig I shoot that is heavy on the red lighting (most of them!) always gets a walk through with “Put Your Helmet On” – I think it’s worth the 2 bucks for that preset alone!

  • Martin Lewis

    Hey Benon,
    thanks for the presets. I really like them and have been using them avidly. You are not charging enough for them dude. See you on the road sometime.

    • BJWOK

      Thanks Martin πŸ™‚

      Glad you’ve enjoyed them. I try to price them lower than average as I would like a lot of people to have access to them.

      Hopefully see you on The Answer tour!

  • Sal

    Make a purchase and tried to download the presets but was unable to get the download started.

    • BJWOK

      Hi Sal,

      Thanks for the purchase and message. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the download. I’ll re-send the link for you πŸ™‚ check your email in 5.


  • Clare

    Hey, I can find everything but an actual download button…?

    • Clare

      Found it! I didn’t realize it was in an email, Thanks… I’m off to have a play, I’ll let you know how I get on πŸ™‚

      • BJWOK

        Awesome! Was just going to post that it is in the email πŸ™‚ Glad you found it ok. Let me know how you go.

  • Miguel Moreira

    Hey Benon,

    Make a purchase and tried to download the presets but only received the receipt from paypal… need same help!

    • BJWOK

      Hi Miguel,

      What email address did you use for the purchase?


  • These are fantastic! Thank you so much. As a starter-outterer photographer you’re website has been hugely informative and inspirational! Looking forward to putting your tips and tools into practice πŸ™‚

    • BJWOK

      Thanks for the lovely words Kira πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing what you come up with when you’ve used them! Make sure you post a link to examples!

  • Hello BJWORK

    Love the look of these presets

    I just purchased them and had the same problem (received the receipt, but not the email for the download)

    My email is mpl_@hotmail.co.uk


    • BJWOK

      Hey Mitch,

      Cheers for the purchase and for the message mate.

      I resent the payment receipt – the link for download is within it πŸ™‚

      Check your spam folder if you don’t receive it?

      Let me know either way…


      • Just had another look and for some reason the email never came through again, and I checked the spam and trash can incase of them being within those two folders, but there is no sign of it at all!


        • BJWOK

          hmmm, let’s work this out. what email address did you enter with your order?

          • Ahhh I have figured it out
            I was using the mail app on my mac, and it didn’t receive through there

            I checked through hotmail itself and it was in a junk folder in there

            The download was expired, so any chance of resending for a third time sorry, and I will go through hotmail to retrieve it again


            • BJWOK

              Crap, I just saw this Mitch and am hoping you got the link working ok?

              In the case you didn’t I’ve resent it now for you.

              Apologies for the delay mate πŸ™


    No sweat man, will re-send for you now πŸ™‚

    Not sure if you’re running Mavericks, but I’ve heard there are known issues with POP mail on the Mail app πŸ™

    • The link is still saying it is expired on the current email, its very weird!

      • BJWOK

        so odd man! i’m baffled but will send again until you get it sorted! make sure your junk mail is cleared (if it’s still going to the junk folder)

  • Nancy

    Benon, do these work on Lightroom 3 or 4, or do they only work on Lightroom 5?

    • BJWOK

      Hey Nancy,

      I have not personally tried them in any version of LR below 5 so I cannot say for certain.

      Hope this helps somewhat!


  • Benon,
    I paid for the presets and forwarded the link to my work email (the one above).
    Now the link says I have “reached my download limit for this link”???
    I have not even started yet….
    My email on theh payment was mjmurray@telus.net

    • BJWOK

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the purchase and the message.

      You will have to download from the original link, once you have downloaded the presets you can then then install them on as many machines as you like.

      I’ll resend the original link for you mate πŸ™‚


  • Hi There,
    Great presets! I know the heading is LR 5. Will they work in other versions?
    If not,do you have any available for LR3? I know I need to update soon! Lol
    Thanks for sharing
    Susan πŸ™‚

    • BJWOK

      Hey Susan,

      Haven’t tried them in LR 3 myself so cannot guarantee they will work EXACTLY the same. Some of the sliders in LR 3 are different to those in LR 5 so there’s that to consider…

      Let me know how you go πŸ™‚


  • Joe

    Paid with Paypal but haven’t received an email with the download. Checked Spam folder too, nothing.

    • BJWOK

      Hey Joe (always wanted to say that btw… hehehe)

      Looks like you used uppercase in your email, I changed all to lowercase and re-sent.

      Please let me know you got the link ok?


  • Hatta

    Hi Benon,

    Just purchased for the presets, but I haven’t got the email for download..

    My email is hatta.halim777@gmail.com


    • BJWOK

      Hey Hatta,

      Have re-sent the email with the link, please let me know you received it all good πŸ™‚


  • Neil

    Hi, Same here, just purchased the presets but it was said that “Sorry, Trouble receiving payment receipt” I have a screenshot to share if you want. (Paypal address and the one provided here is the same…)
    Could you send me the link ?
    Many thanks

    • BJWOK

      Hey Neil, just resent the link for you πŸ™‚

      Can you let me know you received it and everything is ok?



      • Neil

        Hi Benon,
        Thanks for the reply, but I got nothing. If you can send it back it would be great. I used “moulagern@gmail.com” for Paypal, but could you send it again to “pitoresk@free.fr” just in case Gmail spam filters did something wrong…;-)
        Many thanks !

  • lori walker

    Just purchased your presets and have to agree, too cheap. These are so beautifully done! Thank you so much.

    I am new to Lightroom and am learning a lot of how to tweak the settings of everything involved, so I truly appreciate the work you did on these!

    I tried a few photos to see what all could occur with use of the preset as a standalone and it’s wonderful.

    Thank you!


    • BJWOK

      Hey Lori,

      Thanks for the lovely words and support. I’m hearing a definite call for upping the cost on my presets.

      However, for the current release of LR I these presets will stay at 2 bucks, so spread the word and nab them while you can!

      Thanks again for your very nice comments. Have fun with the presets!


  • Phillip

    Hey just purchased your presets and I have a paypal confirmation but nothing else came. Could you please send to birdog12345@yahoo.com ? The aol address on my pay pal I rarely use due to these types of filter issues. Thanks!

    • bjwok

      Hey Phillip, no probs mate. What was the email address you actually used to purchase with? I’ll go in and amend it manually to the updated birdog one for you πŸ™‚

  • Laurene

    Hi I have purchased the presets in January 28th and paid Paypal. My computer hard drive crashed and I lost everything. Could you please send me a new copy please? Also, I have just wrote to your sales service for a bill. I hope it is possible. Cheers.

    • bjwok

      Hi Laurene, what was the email address you used for the purchase?

  • Sorrowdy

    I also have purchased the presets just now and have no link to download, I wrote about it also on your FB page and added a screenshot about payment, please send me the link to teseractphotos@gmail.com, thank you very much.

    • bjwok

      Hi Sorrowdy, thanks for the purchase and the messages πŸ™‚ Sorry you had trouble with the download link πŸ™

      What was the email address you purchased with and what date did you purchase on? I can search through the previous purchases and manually send the link that way…

      • Sorrowdy

        Hi, the email address is teseractphotos@gmail.com and date is July 21, 2014

        • bjwok

          Thanks Sorrowdy, have now sent to you πŸ™‚ cheers for the patience!

  • Michael Bartylla

    Great presets. Thank you so much for your great work.

  • Dave

    Where is the Download link? Do you email the link or what? Paypal redirected back to your website however no link was there to download it.

    • Weird Dave. I’m getting a lot of people with similar errors. Might be time to change my backend download hosting πŸ™ Worked flawlessly for a while but more and more people are reporting similar issues to what you had.

      I checked the backend and your order hadn’t captured your email address, so I manually entered it and resent the purchase receipt which will contain the download link.

      Please let me know you got it ok this time! πŸ™‚

  • Rob

    Same here – just purchased, but no download link πŸ™ Awesome site!

    • Apologies Rob, you look like you’re having the same issue Dave had. I have manually entered your email address and resent the receipt which contains the download link. Let me know you got it ok!

      • Rob

        All good! Email has come through! Thanks for sorting it so quickly πŸ™‚ Now, time to give them a try!

        • Sweetness πŸ™‚ Pleasure mate. Have fun!

  • Sheila

    Same here! what do I do now?

    • Sorry Sheila, you’re in the same boat as Rob and Dave below. Baffled why all of a sudden the backend is capturing email addresses. Oh well, I also manually went in and added yours and have resent the receipt which contains the download link. Thanks for your patience πŸ™‚ Enjoy the presets!

      • Sheila

        Thanks! Great presets!

  • Hans-Willi

    Hi Benon,
    just purchased your presets. But there is no download link on your web site, paypal redirects me. I have read here, that there are many more people with the same problem and I hope you can help me too.

    • Hey Hans-Willi, thanks mate. Same thing as below. I resent your order manually as your email address was not captured initially πŸ™ cheers mate!

      • Hans-Willi

        Thanks for your fast answer, Benon.
        But I did not get the email with the download link.

        • Just tried again mate, let me know if you got it this time πŸ™‚

          • Hans-Willi

            Hey, it works. The link just arrived! πŸ™‚
            A great thank you for your efforts.
            Have a nice day.

            • Perfect!! Glad to hear πŸ™‚

  • Luca Pedonese

    Same problem! Can’t see download

  • Patronized

    Also for me. Paid but no love.

  • Jacob

    Didn’t get the goods! Could you please email them to me manually?

    • BJWOK

      Just resent Jacob πŸ™‚ Let me know you got them!

  • Erica

    hey same problem didn’t recieve link via email. can you resend?

  • Adam

    Bought the package but there is no download link. Can you send via email?


    • BJWOK

      Cheers Adam,

      All fixed and resent πŸ™‚

      cheers for the support mate.


  • Brandon Queen

    I did not receive and download link! I kinda need to edit some concert photos! Can you resend it to me please!

    • Hey mate, just resent for you πŸ™‚ (p.s. apologies for the delay – been on a 2 day shoot)

      Enjoy the presets!

  • Stavros

    I did not receive the download link! I kinda need to edit some concert photos!

    • Hey mate, just resent for you πŸ™‚

  • Arturas

    Hey mate, I did not receive any download link as well! I’ve bought the presets yesterday πŸ™‚ Could you check that for me?

    • cheers mate, resent for ya πŸ™‚

  • J.C. Overgaard

    Hi there – same problem here. Not seeing a link to download the file.

    • Thanks JC, have resent for you also πŸ™‚

  • Elizabeth

    I just paid via PayPal, but didn’t get a link when my payment went through. Please send a link asap to gypsyhorsesrock@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. I’ve just resent for you πŸ™‚

      Thankfully this is not affecting as many people as before, but I’m still trying to resolve the issue 100%

      Let me know you got the link this time πŸ™‚


  • Jacqueline Mazurek

    Hi there πŸ™‚
    I didnΒ΄t receive a download link after payment via paypal.

    would you please send me the link?
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Just resent for you Jacqueline πŸ™‚

      cheers for the purchase.

  • Philippe Depoorter

    Dear BJ,
    I paid with PayPal but did not receive a download link.
    Can you please send to phil.depoorter@gmail.com.

    Tx, Ph.

    • Thanks Phil, have resent mate πŸ™‚

  • Mia

    Hi BJ – I paid with paypal yet havent recieved the download code – can you please send it to mia4rest@gmail.com


    • Thanks Mia,

      Just resent for you πŸ™‚



  • charlie

    I also didn’t receive a download link. Paid with paypal and the money left my account. Please send the link to pepin314@gmail.com, really hoping to start playing with these tonight

    • Cheers mate, resent for you πŸ™‚

  • Lizzie

    Just paid with Paypal, did not receive a download link. Email is lizziekinowski@gmail.com. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Lizzie, just resent for you πŸ™‚ Benon

  • nate

    Hey BJ,
    Similar problem as others. I paid through nate_bostic@yahoo.com but have yet to receive a link for downloading. Let me know if you can help me out, thanks.

    • Hey Nate, can’t locate your one, can you flick on the email receipt from PayPal to info@bjwok.com or, failing that the date you ordered?

      Should be able to track it that way…

  • Clay

    Hey BJ, same issue as everyone else. I just emailed you my receipt, but I have no link to download. If you could check email and email me the link, that would be great

    • All sorted mate πŸ™‚ cheers

  • Toffe

    Kinda bad that you haven’t fixed the issue with link. I’m too missing it..

    Reccomand no one to buy this until he have fixed that. bought under @tjweb no domain so please send me the link asap. πŸ™‚

    • Beleive me, I’m working on a fix! It’s very frustrating that this has happened but at least I am onto it and everyone is getting the link in the end. Thanks for the purchase and your patience mate.

      • Toffe

        Any need of help, review of code or anything just mail me. Web developer @ TJWeb.no. I cant take a “quick” look if anything. (yep, for free, since you offer these presets for so cheap) .. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the link, I’ll do my concert photos tomorrow using a few of these πŸ˜‰

        • Well thank you very much mate πŸ™‚ I’ll let you know.

          I think at this stage we’re working towards a recovery, but the site may be down for a while between this and then and I might need someone to test when back online so I will keep you posted. Thanks again man.

  • Just wanted to let everyone know the issue some were having with no download link in their email has now been resolved πŸ™‚ Thanks for everyone’s patience and cheers for the support!

  • Hanna

    Nice one, thank you so much!

    • Thanks Hanna πŸ™‚ Glad you like them!

  • James_Ster

    Hey Benon, thanks for sharing! Maybe these presets are interesting for you: http://www.lookfilter.com/free-lightroom-presets/

    Have a good one

    • Thanks James, however I create my own – hence this page!

      But cheers all the same.

  • James_Ster

    Yes, and they rock!

  • Manny Manson

    Hi Benon no link here either my friend,
    paid via paypal, skinnyburd
    if you can send me the link to
    it’d be great thanks buddy

    • Hey Manny, hmmm can’t see your purchase in the list. Can you send me your PayPal receipt to info@bjwok.com

  • Maeva

    Hi bjwok! Same for me. Payed via paypal, but no link…
    (Transaction NΒΊ1VC6572361978562T)

    Can you please send me the link to maeva.schamberger@gmail.com
    Thanks! πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Maeva, can’t locate your purchase in there. Could you flick on your PayPal receipt to info@bjwok.com and I’ll search that way πŸ™‚

      • No bother, I found it. You had used a different email address, so I updated to the one above and resent for you. Please let me know you received the presets! πŸ™‚

  • Jonathan

    These presets are awesome! I just bought them and can’t wait to use them!

    • cheers bud!! Enjoy πŸ™‚ post up links where you’ve used them for us to see!

  • RogΓ©rio Bezerra

    Hi bjwok, just paid using PayPal, but no link… πŸ™ Could you send to my email? Transation was done using rogeriopbo@matrix.com.br


  • Paid with paypal (email nigel@injectingadvice.com) but no link πŸ™

    • hey nigel, check your spam folders? the recipe and link was sent to nigel@injectingadvice.com

      • Hi, it didn’t go to spam, but it did arrive about 3 hours after the purchase, thanks very much πŸ™‚

        • ok cools. i think the internet is 3 hours behind here in Australia… πŸ˜‰

  • Amy Hart

    Paid with paypal (mrspresley422@gmail.com) and wasn’t able to download the presets.

    • Amy Hart

      Never mind. I got them! Thank you!

      • Glad you sussed it out πŸ™‚

        Thanks Amy

  • ReturnOfTheGeek

    I never received a link to download this set. PayPal Receipt: Receipt No:
    3493-5737-8024-2271 adam@returnofthegeek.com

  • Darin Roche

    Hey there, again just paid for the presets, but did not get a link, please resend to darin@granvillerecords.com

    • Hey Darin, what email did you use to purchase?

      I’ll check that way…. πŸ™‚

  • Jars

    Hi everybody. I notived at least for the the download link of the purchase went straight to the spam folder in Gmail. So check there.

    • Cheers Jars, good tip for all πŸ™‚ Thanks mate!

  • great bjwork that youΒ΄re also having your own presets for concert photography and help people with their post processing.

    • Thanks Matthias, thanks for the support mate!

      • youΒ΄re welcome, I started my project http://www.howtobecomearockstarphotographer.com/ to help people start living their dreams and itΒ΄s good to see that there are also other photogs out there who share their knowledge. Actually I have some music photography followers from Australia as well ;).

        • Sharing is caring πŸ™‚ You might want to follow along with my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCdaOpBQ0QtS7TYffNLQZiQ I’m on tour right now with Tracer in Europe and I’m vlogging from the tour.

          • cool, IΒ΄ll check it out. Let me know if your stopping by in Vienna/Austria. Have a great tour. I just returned from my germany tour with the swedish metal-punk band Atlas Losing Grip

  • Jeff Reese

    Thanks.. These are awesome and I use them a ton.


  • Neehon

    Hi! I have an issue here. I’ve just bought your presets but as I clicked the link entered my download manager that didn’t catch the file but only a classic “index.php”. The real problem is that if I click again on the download link appears a webpage with “Sorry but you have hit your download limit for this file.” message. How can be fixed this issue?
    Just to identify it’s the payment nΒ°17716
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Neehon, thanks for the support man! So, once you click the link the download will drop into wherever downloads go on your system, can you check to make sure you don’t have it anywhere? I can always trigger a re-send if you legit cannot find it πŸ™‚

      • Neehon

        Hi mate, thanks for the promptly answer. I assure I haven’t in any place. Actual download never started. It’s an issue I have sometimes with my favourite automatic download manager (dwhelper plugin in Firefox).
        If you re-send I will be grateful. I tried both with my PC and my smartphone with the same negative result.
        Mariano here, from Italy.

        • No probs Mariano πŸ™‚ I resent for you! Don’t use that download manager this time! πŸ™‚

          • Neehon

            Got it!! Thank you now it worked! I also see you have some other fine presets for Lightroom 6 too! I think I will take a tour around for sure! πŸ˜‰
            Wish you the best!

            • Awesome! Glad it worked this time πŸ™‚ Yeah got the LR6 presets too, glad you are digging them! Thanks for the support!

              • Neehon

                Well what can I say? Awesome presets! I used almost all of them for a heavy metal fest photoshoot I attended to. CatMacPherson is ADDICTIVE! I was keeping myself from using almost all the times, it adapts well to this genre.
                As you said they’re good starting points, that we can adjust to taste, as I did. You’re great man!

                Attached an example!


                • Awesome Neehon!! Glad you are getting some super good use from them! That shot you attached looks awesome! Well done man and cheers again for the support πŸ™‚

                  • Neehon

                    You’re welcome pal! And thank you for the appreciation! All the best! πŸ˜€

  • tamara soueidan


    I just purchased using my email (tamara.soueidan@gmail.com) but have not received a download link. How can I get it?

    • Thanks for the support Tamara πŸ™‚ I’d suggest checking your spam folder as I’ve had reports go the link being sent there… πŸ™‚