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The Weyers @ Museumkeller, Erfurt, DE, February ’16

This venue was pretty unique and had THE worst load-in in history but I wanted to shoot The Weyers again so I bit the bullet and cut my dinner earlier. I recon we all killed our back on those stairs. It sucked, but we all put in maximum erfurt.

The Weyers @ Musik Und Frieden, Berlin, DE, February ’16

Second gig on the Tracer tour and the second time I shot The Weyers. Again, look at all the lighting they bring!!

The Weyers @ The Rock Café, Hamburg, DE, February ’16

The last Tracer tour of Europe was split in two halves, the first being mainland Europe. On this run the support was a band from Switzerland called The Weyers. Two brothers from family Weyermann who would make any music photographer damn happy: look at all that light they bring!!

The Weyers – On Location, March ’16

The support act on the last Tracer tour of Europe was Switzerland’s The Weyers. I shot their show a bunch of times but at this venue in Budapest the lighting and location was screaming for a promo shoot so I set up three lights and using the ambient lights as background I came away with […]