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Peter Hook & The Light @ The Metro, October ’17

Peter Hook & The Light @ The Metro, October ’17

We all know who Peter Hook is and his contribution to music as a whole, however Pete Hook & The Light were dull to photograph. Sure, they sounded great and it was a pleasure to see them, but photographically, this was tedious.

The Getaway Plan @ The Metro, September ’17

Last time I shot The Getaway Plan there was hardly anyone to see them and the venue (Selina’s) was cut in half due to poor ticket sales. This time around The Metro was packed!!

Ill Niño @ The Metro, August ’17

Ill Niño @ The Metro, August ’17

Terror Universal @ The Metro, August ’17

Plagued with guitar issues, this set from Terror Universal just missed the mark for me. They came on 15 minutes late after what has to have been the most thorough stage setting I’ve seen, then the first 4 songs were spent trying to work out what was wrong with the amp (so no guitar for […]

Wolfmother @ The Metro, April ’17

Wolfmother were totally on fire at the Metro!! This set was a band at it’s peak, a long time after they peaked. Insane!!!

Tiger Army @ The Metro, February ’17

Tiger Army played a fun and energetic set at The Metro recently. Good to see such great vibes on stage too!

Fireballs @ The Metro, February ’17

Good to see the Fireballs cranking out another round of shows, even tho there was hardly anyone there to see them. These guys used to pack out venues in the day!!

Airbourne @ The Metro, January ’17

There was plenty of rock at this show from Airbourne. I knew the beer can thing was coming so got just to the side of it and fired off a few frames before my lens was covered in VB.

The Ugly Kings @ The Metro, January ’17

These guys were on it!! Never heard of The Ugly Kings before tonight but they won a new fan. Great stuff.

Raised Fist @ The Metro, December ’16

Lots of energy on stage for Raised Fist – they looked like they had a great time up there!

Arteries @ The Metro, December ’16

Arteries really suffered from The Metro’s sound guy not patching the vocals correctly. For the first song no one but on stage could hear any vocal. Then it took close to 10 minutes to fix it. By the time they were ready to play their time was up. Looked good tho!

Paul Dempsey @ The Metro, August ’16

I dig Paul Dempsey and most of what he does, but every time I shoot him it looks like he is not really enjoying what he is doing up there on stage. Weird.

The Beards @ The Metro, July ’16

Still not 100% convinced The Beards are calling it a day, but either way, this farewell show was two sets of beard related heaven. Not a razor to be seen in the place.

Spoon @ The Metro, February ’15

Even the headlining act Spoon didn’t get decent lighting at this show. I guess it looks good to the punter, but damn me it’s hard to photograph nothing but LED’s!!

Deep Sea Arcade @ The Metro, February ’15

Been a while since I’d seen a Deep Sea Arcade set, so when I saw they were opening for Spoon I got there nice and early. Shame the lighting at the Metro is lousy LED’s 🙁

Spiderbait @ The Metro, August ’14

Spiderbait @ The Metro, August ’14

20th Century Graduates @ The Metro, October ’10

20th Century Graduates @ the Metro, October ’10