Burn Collect – On Location, September ’12

Earlier this year I was on location with Burn Collect shooting promo material for them.

The location was an abandoned house down in McLaren Vale and aside from a bunch of kids trying to get in the background of shots, we shot undisturbed until we were finished.

As always, my assistant on the shoot was Haley Renee and I’ve included BTS and lighting set-up shots here for those keen to know how we lit a fire in a house with no flame.

Lighting set-up was mostly constant throughout the shoot – main light was Ranger “A” head shot through parabolic softbox, rim (just outside frame in this shot) was Ranger “S” head modified with reflector, both powered by Ranger AS Speed, triggered by ST4. Orange “ambient” light (lighting the glass in the door in this shot) was a speedlite gelled orange triggered via Pocketwizard Flex TT5.