Release The Hounds – On Location, April ’17

Release The Hounds – On Location, April ’17

Release The Hounds have now locked in their line-up and booked me to shoot new promo with them. The location was the abandoned Balmain Leagues Club. There’s video of this shoot here:  

Release The Hounds – On Location, November ’16

Release The Hounds booked me to shoot their show opening for The Choirboys recently. We also shot some very quick promo (in the rain!) in the streets on the Cross before the show. The band is a 5 piece but 3 of the members were leaving, so these shots are just the two remaining members. […]

Spiderbait – On Location, November ’16

Spiderbait booked me to shoot promo and live at their recent A Day On The Green set in Bimbadgen. It was literally blowing a gale, so the first location we shot at was impossible to shoot. There’s video of how I shot these here: https://youtu.be/eHDccgI_2F0

Se Bon Ki Ra – On Location, October ’16

Third shoot of three for the day in Adelaide – the mighty Se Bon Ki Ra!! We had a bunch of different options at the carpark location and the guys wanted a “reservoir dogs” style shot in there also.

Eastwood Violets – On Location, October ’16

Second promo shoot for the day in Adelaide, this time it was a two piece going by the name Eastwood Violets. Both girls were really lovely to shoot – this can make or break a shoot! We managed to hit a variety of locations, the last being a pub on East Terrace where I busted […]

Radix – On Location, October ’16

Was in Adelaide recently for three promo shoots, the first one with the totally sweet guys from Radix. These boys were seriously super fun to shoot with!

The Weyers – On Location, March ’16

The support act on the last Tracer tour of Europe was Switzerland’s The Weyers. I shot their show a bunch of times but at this venue in Budapest the lighting and location was screaming for a promo shoot so I set up three lights and using the ambient lights as background I came away with […]

SonicRuse – On Location, January ’16

SonicRuse – On Location, January ’16

DA Carter – On Location, May ’15

DA Carter – On Location, May ’15

Black Aces – On Location, June ’15

Black Aces – On Location, June ’15

Tracer – On Location, June ’15

What could be more pleasant than Tracer naked in an outdoor hot tub with drinks?

Tracer – On Location, November ’14

Tracer – On Location, November ’14

Tracer – On Location, October ’14

Shot promo of the guys in Vienna, Austria at the Ottakringer Brauerei. What a great location for some funky gells! None of these shots were run anywhere.

The Corridor Of Uncertainty – On Location, March ’14

The Corridor Of Uncertainty – on location, March ’14

Tracer – On Location, February ’13

Tracer – On Location, February ’13

Kellie Lloyd – On Location, October ’13

Kellie Lloyd – on location, October ’13

Screamfeeder – On Location, October ’13

Screamfeeder – on location, October ’13

Tracer – On Location (El Pistolero Video), March ’13

Last year I was on set with Tracer as they shot the video for ‘El Pistolero’. The plan was to shoot behind the scenes photos and video, however a late minute cancelation the night before ended up in me landing a role in the actual clip. Now I must advise, viewer discretion is highly recommended […]

The Mark Of Cain – On Location, February ’13

The Mark Of Cain – on location, February ’13

Burn Collect – On Location, September ’12

Burn Collect – on location, September ’12

Funkoars – On Location, April ’12

Funkoars – on location, April ’12

The Beards – On Location, July ’12

The Beards – on location, July ’12

Alex Hosking – On Location, April ’12

Alex Hosking – On Location, April ’12

Tracer – On Location (Devil Ride Video), February ’12

Earlier this year I was on location with Tracer shooting behind the scenes photos and video as they filmed their clip for “Devil Ride”, the second single lifted from the album “Spaces In Between”. The entire crew worked effortlessly and gelled really well together, despite the hideously hot, dusty conditions! Director Tim Pine managed to […]