Monster Magnet @ Huxleys (Berlin, Germany) November ’11

After the final show on the Tracer European tour we had three days off in Berlin, Germany.

The first night saw us drinking an obscene amount of alcohol in a rad little place called The Franken Bar.

Being the end of the tour, things got loose rather quickly – there may have been various stages of nudity in some parts. I do recall getting my shirt off to try on a Franken Bar staff shirt at one point.

Somewhere in the early hours I was chatting (read: drunkenly slurring) to the table of girls next to ours. They were speaking English so at least we had that connection.

Soon I got chatting to one of the guys on the table, and he tells me he’s American. Cools.

He asked what we were doing there in Berlin and I told him about Tracer and how the tour was over and we were on a night out to celebrate.

He mentioned he played in a band and they also had an off day today and maybe we should all come to their show the next night?

Cools. I’m all about new music.

I get him to write the name of the band and the venue on a coaster.

He writes: “Monster Magnet – Huxleys”

Well blow me down, I had just drunkenly stumbled upon Phil Caivano (rhythm guitar) of Monster Magnet!

Waisting no time I introduced the Tracer boys and he puts all of us on the door for their show the next night with complimentary after party passes.

I mentioned that I was a photographer and how bummed I was that Monster Magnet had recently cancelled their “Dopes To Infinity” tour of Australia as I was meant to be shooting it.

He then offered me a photo pass as they were doing the exact same tour right there in Germany! Super sweet!

The next night we caught their show, I shot these photos and we went backstage and had a few beers with the band, making sure they left with a copy of “Spaces In Between”.

Monster Magnet were amazing, the show was great!!! Every track from “Dopes…” was played plus a bunch of other crowd favourites including “Space Lord” which certainly brought the largest crowd response.

Germany is a rad place, Berlin is an incredible city and this is only one story from a bunch that happened over those three nights.